*Member American Viola Society

*Member Guild of American Luthiers

*Member Violin Society of America


Seventh International Violin Society of America Competition

Portland, Oregon 1986


Eighth International Violin Society of America Competition

Minneapolis, Minnesota 1988

"Practice doesn't make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect."  Vincent T. Lombardi

*Member Internet Cello Society

Each instrument hand-crafted by luthier Erich Schweiger embodies a legacy of master methods and formulas centuries old.  His artistry and award-winning recognition as an instrument maker uniquely compliment his status as a violinist.  At four years of age, Erich entered the musical world under the tutelage of renowned teacher Dr. Shinichi Suzuki at the Oberlin Conservatory of Music in Ohio.  His family tradition of musicianship continues today!

"The beautiful cellos which I have seen by Erich Schweiger have been remarkable in both craftsmanship and sound production.  They are certainly the equal of more expensive makers.  Their ease of playability and rich full tone also contribute to their excellent value." 

                                       Carter Enyeart, Professor of Music

                                                University of North Texas

"I've enjoyed playing your viola in orchestras and quartets.  The instrument carries a wonderfully full sound that all my stand partners comment on!"

                              Robert Shangrow, Professional Violist

                                       Seattle, Washington